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Simple, all natural skin care products.  No water, parabens, preservatives, synthetic ingredients of any kind.

Small-batch, handmade with passion and care in beautiful Minnetonka, Minnesota. 

The Inception of North Naturals

Having battled various skin conditions my whole life, including acne and near-debilitating eczema, along with severe allergies to many synthetic ingredients, I know first-hand how difficult it can be to find quality, natural products you can actually afford.  For a long time, my only options were terrifying prescriptions with permanent side-effects, or lower quality drug store products that only seemed to manage/mask my issues.  I could not help but think there had to be better options out there.


Wanting to be a scientist for as long as I can remember, I ended up studying environmental science for my undergraduate degree and environmental chemistry for graduate school.  Through that education, I learned we really are being bombarded with hazardous chemicals on a daily basis, through almost every aspect of our lives.  I also learned that, with educated effort, there are ways to at least minimize your exposure and make healthier choices.


A few years ago, I started using that knowledge to figure out how to make my own products.  Products that had simple, happy ingredients and that were incredibly effective.  I started with lip balm using just shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax.  I loved the results and kept going.  Eventually, North Naturals was born.  My skin has never been healthier or happier.  I truly love what I do, because I get to make beautiful, quality, effective products that can help people just like me. I hope you see the care and passion come through in these humble jars of love.

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